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THE BOOK OF POOLE HIGH STREET ISBN 9781873535882 180pp £14.99
Jenny Oliver
(The BBC programme's "Turn Back Time" shop in Poole High Street inspired the author to work with others to research and illustrate with photographs the history of Poole High Street homes, trades and shops.)

THE BOOK OF POOLE QUAY & THE WATER FRONT ISBN 9781873535875 168pp £14.99
Andrew Hawkes
(A photographic history, section by section, of Poole and Ham's quayside, with many previously unpublished pictures from the author's own renowned collection of postcards and photographs.)

ART IN POOLE AND DORSET ISBN 0 9504914 6 2 163pp £9.99 Peter Davies
(The story of art in a district which has attracted many famous artists over the years. Illustrated - some in colour.)

AN ALBUM OF OLD POOLE ISBN 0 9504914 0 3 160pp £10.99
Derek Beamish, John Dockerill, John Hillier and Graham Smith
(Our popular book of 226 photographs depicting various aspects of life in Poole, with introductions and captions.) (Reprint) (Nearly 10,000 sold)

THE PRIDE OF POOLE ISBN 0 9504914 7 0 288pp £11.75
Derek Beamish, John Dockerill and John Hillier
(The illustrated story of Poole up to and including the bitter quarrels following the passing of the Reform Acts.) (Reprint)

A PORTFOLIO OF OLD POOLE ISBN 0 9504914 2 X 176pp £10.99 John Hillier
(321 photographs with introductions and captions of the Old Town, Canford Manor, Poole Harbour and the different localities that comprise Poole.) (3rd Reprint)

VICTORIAN POOLE ISBN 0 9504914 5 4 224pp £12.90 John Hillier
(The story of Poole's struggles to survive the crash of its Newfoundland trade during Victoria's reign. Illustrated)

POOLE AFTER WORLD WAR II ISBN 1873535 OS 8 139pp £9.99 John Hillier
(Tells how Poole's industry, its people and its Council strove to return the Town to a prosperous peacetime in the period 1945 - 1953. Illustrated.)

SPIRIT OF POOLE ISBN 1873535 15 5 224pp £11.99
John Hillier and Martin Blyth
(In the 1953 - 1963 period many post war problems were tackled despite restrictions and resistance to change to shape the Town as we know it today. Illustrated.)

HENGISTBURY – THE WHOLE STORY ISBN 18736356-0 198pp £16.99 Bill Hoodless
(A lively summary, fully illustrated in colour, of all aspects of this popular local feature)
POOLE and WORLD WAR II ISBN 0 86251004 X 239pp
(H/back reprint) £11.99
(Softback) £8.99
(The Town played a major part in the fight against the enemy. "It is a history of which its inhabitants can be proud" wrote Lord Mountbatten in his Foreword. Illustrated.)

SCHOOLS OF OLD POOLE ISBN 873535 25 2 192pp £9.99
(Softback) Doreen E W Young
(A revised version of an earlier book on South Road School, expanded to give the history of all the Old Town Schools between 1660 - 1995. Illustrated with many photographs)

POOLE'S PRIDE REGAINED ISBN 1873535 30 9 208pp £14.99 John Hillier and Martin Blyth
(The story of Poole's growth and controversial redevelopment in the period 1964 - 1974. Lavishly illustrated, including some colour photographs)

FOR NATURE, NOT HUMANS ISBN 1873535 45 7 80pp £9.99(Softback) Peter Moore
(Mrs Bonham Christie and Brownsea Island, with 35 b&w photographs) (reprint)

I WAS THERE ISBN 1 873535 50 3 223pp £14.95
Joshua Sieger, CBE
(A fully illustrated autobiography by this pioneer of radio, television, radar and gas alarms)

A WINSOME PLACE ISBN 978 1 873535752 90pp £9.99
(Softback) Peter Moore
(Charles van Raalte and Brownsea Island between 1901 and 1925)

A PINT OF GOOD POOLE ALE ISBN 978 1 873535707 192pp £16.99 Andrew Hawkes
(The story of Poole’s inns, taverns and breweries through the ages, fully illustrated in colour and b/w, including two maps slipped in the back)

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BROWNSEA ISLANDER Jack Battrick (as told by Gail Lawson)
EBB TIDE AT POOLE John Hillier (Poole at the time of the Reform Acts)
SYDENHAM’S HISTORY OF POOLE 1839 (Limited facsimile reprint)
MANSIONS AND MERCHANTS OF POOLE AND DORSET, Vol1. D.Beamish, J.G. Hillier and H.F.V.Johnstone.

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