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Allotments for the unemployed

Allotments for the unemployed

Museum Ref No: PPS020436p7a
Poole unemployed are cultivating allotments near Bushell Mill Farm under a scheme worked jointly by the Allotments Association and Unemployed Fellowship. Included in this group are Ald. H.S. Carter (President of the Association), Mr. E.H. Stokes (assistant secretary), Mr W.J. Haynes (chairman of association committee), Dr. G.S. Small (chairman, Fellowship Executive), Mr A.L. Cleaver, Mr S. Rutter (fellowship organiser) and Mr. J.E. Nicholas.
Allotments next to Poole Park Lake

Allotments next to Poole Park Lake

Museum Ref No: AH_Snow
Allotments next to Poole Park Lake. From the Andrew Hawkes collection